Fixer in Poland

TV Fixer from Cracow

Hi, if you are looking for a fixer in Poland, you’ve come to the right place! I live in Kraków, where I run my own multimedia agency, Kaizen Media.
I spent 20 years in the news industry, I was a journalist of the largest Polish TV channels (Polsat, TVN). For over 3 years I worked as a correspondent in Poland, of the largest news television in Europe (Euronews). If you don’t believe – just check me in Google search!

Polish fixer with News experience

Two decades of working for TV channels means thousands of contacts, hundreds of personal relationships that open many doors in Poland. I know how to reach people from many areas of life (politics, experts, sports, etc.), which is often helped by my recognition from the TV screen 🙂

TV fixer with knowledge of English, French and Italian

Extensive contacts and media experience are huge advantages, but there is one more, no less important: knowledge of foreign languages. On a very good level, I communicate in English, French and Italian, on an intermediate level in Russian, on a basic level in Spanish. Polish is my native tongue.
Foreign languages ​​allow me to effectively help foreign TV crews or production agencies (such as the French Ligne de Front).

Contact the fixer in Poland

If you plan to shoot a news, reportage or documentary film and you’re looking for a fixer in Poland – don’t hesitate!

Just write to me: leszek(at) I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We will discuss all details and I believe that we will make the best possible footage.